• Lewis University, Fall 2018

The Center for Community Research and Education at Lewis University

The Center for Community Research and Education (CCRE) was founded by the College of Education & Social Sciences at Lewis University in August 2021. The Center’s mission is to serve the faculty and students of Lewis University and our local community through research projects and educational programming that investigates and responds to local social and educational challenges. The Center supports two types of faculty activity: original social science research that supports the needs of the community and partners with a community organization; and educational programs that serve the community or community institutions, such as schools, police departments, city leadership, including professional development seminars and consulting.

During our first year, the Center has partnered with several community organizations, such as the Spanish Community Center, Family Bridges, After the Peanut, Valley View Public Schools, and District 86 Public Schools. We are currently facilitating four research projects and six community education programs. Examples include research on trauma-infused education practices (District 86), the impact of quality after school programming (Valley View Schools), as well as educational programming such as the Multicultural Leadership Academy of Will County and After the Peanut’s STEAM camp for children ages 9-17, which was held at the Romeoville campus this summer. Center Faculty Partners also provided parent training for family in Joliet’s District 86 in the areas of social and emotional support for students. Over 300 parents/caregivers attended the seven sessions.

In addition, to our research and community-oriented programming, the Center also focuses on providing professional development opportunities for local professionals. This summer we will be offering 18 professional development seminars for teachers. Professional development opportunities for social workers, and police officers will soon be added to our offerings.